Began with a Question

My life as a Web Designer // Developer began during a Fall evening when my boss at the Escape Room job i had been working at asked me and my roommate. If we could make them a brand new website. Looking back on it now, i don’t know why i hesitated to say yes, but thankfully, Chandler believed in our skills enough to jump at the opportunity, full force!

Thus began our journey…. A rough start, at that! With a bit of experience in Creative Cloud, and some VERY basic HTML skills, We decided to meet up at the library on campus and start hard coding a website in Dreamweaver. We were lost!

After that, I decided that We needed a platform that would make it easier for us to build a page, while still allowing me to code in my own custom styling…


We decided to go with Weebly.


We Pushed Through

I began development and page build out in Weebly. I was Determined to deliver a website that was better than the previous one by a long shot.

After Long Nights of toiling and tweaking Design, a few ‘Creative Sessions’, and lot’s of Laughter, We had an Initial Proof that We were Proud of.

We were finally able to present: